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The Minor Prophets by James Boice

$22.00 USD

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The Minor Prophets
by James M. Boice

This two-volume commentary on the Minor Prophets provides pastors, Sunday school teachers, and lay readers with an insightful guide to the backgrounds and prophetic messages of twelve key Old Testament books.  Dr. Boice examines the text of Scripture with thorough scholarship without loosing sight of the spiritual truths and personal applications that permeate the prophetic writings.

Volume 1 surveys Hosea through Jonah, and volume 2 covers Micah through Malachi.  Both volumes offer thorough interpretation of the text in a clearly written manner that will inform and help a wide range of readers, from serious Bible students to interested laypersons.  Based on messages Boice preached, these expositional commentaries explain the meaning of the text verse by verse and section by section.  They also guide readers on how to apply the truths they find, as Boice relates the concerns of the text to today's world, the church, and the realities of the Christian life.  

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