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Complete New Testament Greek CourseDo you have a friend or loved one who will be enrolling soon in Bible College, Christian College, or seminary?  They will probably need to take at least two semesters of New Testament Greek to fulfill part of their academic language requirements.  Help them to prepare now by purchasing a first year two-semester video New Testament Greek course from National Bible College.  They will thank you for doing it.  Furthermore, if they are home schooled or bound for college or seminary, they may even be eligible to receive language credit because of your thoughtful gift.  Because they already have a working knowledge of New Testament Greek before entering college, they can concentrate on other academic interests.  The complete six-disc DVD video course will be a life-changing gift for that one special in your life, whether they are college bound or not.  For more details about our complete New Testament Greek video course, click here.

 α β γ η θ    New Testament Greek Introductory Package   $25.00!   ο π ρ ς σ τ


The Person of Christ Seminar Video Spiritual Gifts Seminar Video Warnings of Hebrews Seminar Video
The Person of Christ Seminar
   $39.95 DVD
Three DVD Discs
One Study Guide
Spiritual Gifts Seminar
 $39.95 DVD
Three DVD Discs
One Study Guide
Warnings of Hebrews Seminar
    $39.95 DVD
 Three DVD Discs
One Study Guide

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Why should you learn the Modern pronunciation for New Testament Greek? Dr. C. Norman Sellers presents compelling reasons here.

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  Complete New Testament Greek Course (video)
  A Workbook Supplement For New Testament Greek
  Warnings of Hebrews (audio seminar)
  Old Testament Survey I (audio course)

   Future Things Seminar learn what the Bible really      says about prophecy and the future!




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