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The National Bible College AudioLibrary offers six seminars presented by Dr. C. Norman Sellers.  With over thirty years of classroom experience and more years in the pastorate, Dr. Sellers expounds the biblical text that will enrich your spiritual life.

Every audio seminar is available in three formats: C-90 cassettes, a professionally produced interactive CD-MP3, or on-line streaming from our server at a greatly reduced price.  All audio seminars are provided with one study guide booklet.  Additional study guides for group study may be ordered from our InPrintLibrary in our bookstore.

A short explanation of these ordering options follows:

Audio Cassettes and Study Guide.  All audio C-90 cassette seminars are housed in a single vinyl album.  A study guide booklet is also included with this option.
Audio CD-MP3 Disc and Study Guide.  The colorful interactive CD-MP3 disc is professionally produced by Creative Studio Productions.  All seminar lectures are in digital MP3 format that will not deteriorate over time.  The CD-MP3 is especially engineered for any computer using the Microsoft Windows as its operating system.  A study guide booklet is also included with this option. 
Audio On-Line Streaming MP3 and Study Guide.  Save money and order a seminar streamed from our server.  You have access 24/7/365 to your seminar.  A study guide is sent separately via USPS.  Anyone who has an Internet connection may select this option.  

Angels, Demons, Satan Seminar Election and Predestiantion Seminar Future Things Seminar
Angels, Demons, Satan Seminar Election and Predestination Seminar Future Things Seminar

The Person of Christ Seminar Spiritual Gifts Seminar
The Person of Christ Seminar Spiritual Gifts Seminar Warnings of Hebrews Seminar
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