New Testament Greek I Course Registration

Branch Campus and Extension students may register for the New Testament Greek I course for college credit at the bottom of this page.  The option to audit this course is not available.  Those who are interested to purchase course materials without registration may do so here from our bookstore.  As an extra benefit, this course is available on DVD and VHS for Branch Campus students in conjunction with their branch teacher. 


Title   New Testament Greek I (BL 201)
Teacher C. Norman Sellers, Th. D. New Testament Greek I Video Course
An introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the essentials of Koiné Greek grammar with emphases upon vocabulary, the force of the tenses, and the meaning of each case idea. Diagramming is stressed from the start.  Modern pronunciation is used, and students are exposed to the Greek culture.  Chapters 1--12 are covered in J. Gresham Machen's grammar.
Tuition Three hours of college credit: $180.00 USD
Audit: Not available for this course
Required Reading
  •  New Testament Greek For Beginners by J. Gresham Machen
  •  A Workbook Supplement For New Testament Greek by C. Norman Sellers
  •  Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards by Robert Gromacki
  •  Machen's Vocabulary and Forms by C. Norman Sellers
Course Materials Course Notes: $10.00 USD
 Video & Audio Media

There is a major distinction between a branch campus student and an extension student when ordering this course.  Whereas both pay tuition, only extension students are required to purchase a choice from the video media which substitutes for their teacher.  Branch students have the option to purchase from one of these resources. 

Each lesson varies according to the lesson's content.  The video portion of the course is offered in both DVD and VHS formats (optional for Branch Class Students).  Machen's Vocabulary and Forms is offered in three formats: audio cassettes, audio compact MP3 disc with professional interface in a jewel case, and on-line audio MP3 (available for immediate download).  All video and audio tapes and discs are placed on the highest quality media possible. 

Video Options for DVD and VHS Lessons

  •  VIDEO Two 2-Hour DVD Disc Set ($39.95 USD) Volume 1 (Lessons 1-12)
  •  VIDEO Two 2-Hour VHS Tape Set ($39.95 USD) Volume 1 (Lessons 1-12)

Audio Options for Machen's Vocabulary and Forms

  •  AUDIO CASSETTE Tapes (Three C-90 Tapes in Vinyl Album): $9.95 USD
  •  AUDIO CD-MP3 With Professional Interface In Jewel Case: $9.95 USD (Windows Only)

Both domestic (United States) and international orders are welcomed!  Domestic orders are shipped UPS Media Mail.  International orders are shipped the least expensive method.  If your order requires expedited shipping, call first at 1 + (866) 506-3335 (toll-free in United States & Canada).  Orders are shipped within 48 hours after final processing.



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