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New Testament Greek I: Volume 3

Volume 3
2-DVD Disc Set
$39.95 USD

New Testament Greek Course: Volume 3
  by C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.
This seminar is available in DVD video format This seminar is available in VHS video format

Learn to read and understand Koiné Greek, the original language of the New Testament, and interpret the original text of the New Testament for yourself.  Know what the New Testament really says from the best authority, the original Word of God.

Volume 3 of a three-part series is an introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the essentials of Koiné Greek grammar with emphases upon vocabulary, the force of the tenses, and the meaning of each case idea. Diagramming is stressed from the start.  Modern pronunciation is used, and students are exposed to the Greek culture.  Using Gresham Machen's grammar as the basis for learning New Testament Greek, Chapters 22-33 are covered in Volume 3.

Whether you prefer VHS tapes or DVD discs, these videos are a comprehensive video presentation of first-year New Testament Greek.  The course explodes with visual aids to expedite learning.  Grammatical diagramming is also integrated in every lesson so that virtually any text in the New Testament may be diagrammed at course completion.  Moreover, words and phrases are taught so that one may converse with Modern Greeks on a limited scale.

Kenneth O. Gangel, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dallas Seminary
Scholar-in-Residence, Toccoa Falls College

When half of the students enrolled in college Greek classes in any given semester voluntarily elected that study, there is something very special about the teacher.  Miami Christian College Greek professor Dr. C. Norman Sellers is now available to students on a much wider basis through the services of National Bible College.  His unique style of teaching the language of the New Testament demands the attention of serious Bible students across the nation.

Gary Cohen, Th.D.
Trinity International University of Miami
International Bible Teacher

It has been my observation that the students in Dr. C. Norman Sellers' Greek classes have been the most motivated and the best trained of all the college Greek students whom I have observed in the last twenty-five years.  He is a master Greek teacher indeed.

Pastor Paul Carpenter
Jansen, Nebraska

Are you weary of taking some other "authority's" word for what the "original" says?  Well, now is the time to learn the original Greek; then you can decide for yourself what it says.  There is no finer instructor than Dr. C. Norman Sellers.  Hw wants you to succeed.  I believe you will!  Then you see how greatly your own teaching ministry will be enhanced to the glory of God and the edification of the saints.

Indeed!  You can now begin to learn New Testament Greek at home or office and at your own pace with your own "private tutor".  Dr. C. Norman Sellers is an experienced and wise teacher, and his methods for teaching New Testament Greek are very effective.  He was professor and Chairman of the Biblical Languages Department at Miami Christian College. 

There is probably no other study that promises the spiritual rewards which are enjoyed by those who study God's Word in its original languages.  The Greek language is unrivaled in its richness, clarity, and precision.

Studying God's Word in the original languages can give one a freshness and depth beyond what any version or translation can do.  For years this course has been used by individuals in their homes, by groups in churches, and by Bible colleges.  The video course is also excellent for those who want to review and sharpen their skills in New Testament Greek

Two video options are available to purchase New Testament Greek Course: Volume 3.  You may purchase the two 2-hour VHS tapes or two 2-hour DVD discs (full screen version) for $39.95 (below), or all three volumes in the complete New Testament Greek Video Set for $99.95 and save $19.85.  The ultimate money saver is to order the VHS or DVD Complete New Testament Greek Course for $225.00.

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