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Greek Vocabulary and Forms CD-MP3

Audio CD-MP3

Greek Vocabulary and Forms
  by C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.
This course is available in several audio formats

The audio lessons are keyed to J. Gresham Machen's New Testament Greek Text.  They stimulate New Testament Greek students to study more diligently the Greek vocabulary and forms that are essential to understand God's Word.  The Greek Vocabulary and Forms complements the complete New Testament Greek Video Set offered in our bookstore.Greek Vocabulary and Forms

In addition to Machen's vocabulary, the irregular verb forms are also pronounced.  As a bonus, Modern Greek phrases are also pronounced by a native Greek.  We have also included favorite hymns sung in Modern Greek.

Greek Vocabulary and Forms is offered in three audio formats: three C-90 audio cassettes, audio CD-MP3 disc with professional interface in jewel case.

Ordering Options:

  •  Three C-90 audio cassettes in vinyl album: $9.95
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case: $9.95 USD

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