Old Testament Survey I Course Registration

Branch Campus and Extension students may register for the Old Testament Survey I course for college credit at the bottom of this page.  Branch campus students have the option also to audit the course.  Those who are interested to purchase course materials without registration may do so here from our bookstore.  As an extra benefit, this course is available on cassettes, CDs (MP3 files), or on-line streaming MP3 lessons for Branch Campus students in conjunction with their branch teacher.  Printed course notes are available in spiral-bound or downloadable PDF formats.


Title   Old Testament Survey I (BI 101)
Teacher C. Norman Sellers, Th.D. Old Testament Survey I Audio Course
A panorama of the whole Bible is given so that the student can visualize the overall plan of God. Then each book of the Old Testament is studied as to its historical and geographical setting, theme, broad outline and place in God's total revelation. People and events are related to the major periods of Old Testament history.
Tuition Three hours of college credit: $180.00 USD
Audit Course: $90 USD
Required Reading A Popular Survey of the Old Testament by Dr. Norman Geisler ($22.00 USD)
Course Materials Course Notes: $13.95 USD
 Audio Media

There are two major distinctions between a branch campus student and an extension student when ordering.  Whereas both pay tuition, only extension students are required to purchase a choice from the audio media which substitutes for their teacher.  Second, an extension student does not have the option of auditing a course.  Branch students have the option to purchase from one of these resources. 

Each lesson is approximately forty-five minutes in length.  The course is also offered in four formats: audio cassettes, on-line audio MP3 (available for immediate download), and audio compact MP3 disc with professional interface in jewel case with spiral-bound or PDF course notes.  All audio tapes and discs are placed on the highest quality media possible. 

  •  Twelve C-90 Audio Cassette tapes in vinyl album ($39.95)
  •  On-Line MP3 + PDF course notes: $29.95 USD (streaming audio from website)
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case + PDF course notes: $29.95 USD
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case $29.95
  •  Spiral-bound course notes: $13.95
MP3 Sample Listen to an excerpt from Old Testament Survey I


Both domestic (United States) and international orders are welcomed!  Domestic orders are shipped UPS Media Mail.  International orders are shipped the least expensive method.  If your order requires expedited shipping, call first at 1 + (866) 506-3335 (toll-free in United States & Canada).  Orders are shipped within 48 hours after final processing.



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